Enlightened Warrior

At Xenith, we believe that better head protection is just one component of a larger strategy for building the Enlightened Warrior – a strategy that also includes emphasis on proper technique, rule enforcement, reducing exposures to risk, as well as proper injury recognition and management. By implementing the following rules, we can help keep players safe, healthy and strong.
Eliminate headfirst contact
• Teach proper tackling technique
• Prevent ball carriers from lowering their heads.
• Teach players to block with their arms and shoulders, not their head.
Invest in the best head protection equipment
Promote Xenith’s One Player, One Helmet® Program, which:
• Creates a partnership approach to safety.
• Benefits players, families and teams.
Improve recognition and management of injuries
• Encourage the presence of Certified Athletic Trainers at sporting events
• Locate a true expert in the management of head injuries .
Reduce player exposures to risk
• Consider reducing the number and length of live contact drills.
• Eliminate dangerous drills .
Reward outstanding play and outstanding character
• Focus on what's important.
• Don't focus on big hits.
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