About Xenith

Xenith football helmets feature Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® – a system of patented technologies designed to provide superior fit and to minimize the sudden movement of the head during impact. Hundreds of thousands of players at all levels, including youth, high school, major college and the NFL wear Xenith helmets. Xenith is being worn on the field across the United States and can also be found in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, China and Japan.

Xenith incorporates the same protection technology in not only helmets, but also our XFlexion Shoulder Pads.

Being “An Authorized Supplier of Helmets to the NFL,” Xenith is committed to education. With our key partners, Xenith connects with players, coaches, families and administrators to promote safety in the game of football.
Xenith delivers superior fit and world-class performance utilizing Xenith's Shock Bonnet®, Aware-Flow® shock absorber and Fit Seeker® systems.
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Enlightened Warrior
At Xenith, we believe that better head protection is just one component of a larger strategy for building the Enlightened Warrior.
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