Xenith Epic Varsity Football Helmet

Rated 5-STARS - Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™

Four integrated technologies come together to deliver the ultimate in helmet Fit, Comfort and Protection.

Tighten the chinstraps for an instant, custom fit with no pumps needed! The low strap wraps around the head through the FitLock to help keep the helmet on your head.

The EPIC shock absorber and compression liner are a system of technologies designed to protect against both linear and rotational forces. The EPIC shock absorber releases air upon impact with Multi-Staged Compression to help address a wide range of linear impacts. The compression liner acts as a suspension system, keeping the head secure and allowing the shell to move independently to reduce dangerous rotational forces.

TPU comfort pads are comfortable, durable, and hygienic. XRD® Extreme Impact Protection foam inside provides enhanced protection and performance.

Aggressive vent pattern showcases a modern sleek style while optimizing ventilation.

FitLock: Conforms to the occipital bone for the ultimate in fit and retention. Engineered from high quality injected foam for superior comfort and durability.


The EPIC football helmet features Xenith’s evolution of shock absorber technology. The EPIC shock utilizes Multi-Staged Compression to attenuate impact energy.

Stages 1, 2, & 3 offer increasing levels of resistance to adapt to low, medium, and high impacts. The interior ridge adds 2 additional walls to the original shock absorber design, creating a more reinforced structure to enhance its ability to minimize sudden head movement.