Xenith Technology
See how Xenith football helmets deliver superior FIT, COMFORT and PROTECTION utilizing Xenith’s Shock Bonnet® protective liner, Aware-Flow® Shock Absorbers and Fit Seeker® system.

Shock Bonnet® protective liner

Xenith’s Shock Bonnet® protective liner acts as a suspension system, allowing the helmet shell to move independently, which helps to deflect energy and reduce dangerous rotational forces.

Shock Absorber Technology

Xenith football helmets don't rely on foam for impact protection. Instead, Xenith helmets have patented Aware-Flow® Shock Absorbers that release air to help minimize the sudden movement of the head during an impact.

Fit Seeker®

Proper fit is essential for protection. Xenith’s Fit Seeker® system adapts to the head, providing a custom fit with no pumps needed, and helps keep the helmet secure during an impact. As the player pulls on the chinstraps, the Shock Bonnet® protective liner snugs around the head.

Impact Protection

A football hit happens in a fraction of a second. That's why the three key systems inside a Xenith helmet are designed to react and adapt instantly, providing protection and keeping the helmet on the head.
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